SnapScan is a payment app downloaded free onto a customer’s smartphone. Patrons can make quick and easy payments from their mobile phones, eliminating the need to carry cash or cards. Because it’s a mobile solution, it can be used anywhere and at any time, suiting merchants who trade in small locations, indoors or outdoors. SnapScan is also a good solution for all merchants in times of load-shedding, when electrical payment systems are not available.

  • Is SnapScan right for you?
  • How SnapScan works
  • Downloads
  • Customers download the SnapScan app free of charge and register their card details and a private password
  • A customer’s card details are encrypted and stored only on their phone, so there is no transfer of their personal information to the merchant
  • Merchants sign up and receive a unique QR code, known as a SnapCode, which is linked to their bank account
  • When a merchant generates a sale, the generic option is a static QR code but we have an ability to integrate into the Till solution and render different codes based on the Merchants Till solution
  • SnapScan is a free payment app, with a merchant commission fee applicable
Download SnapScan Brochure

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