Additional Services - Cashback at Point of Sale?

What is Cashback at Point of Sale?

  • Cashback is a convenient service that allows customers to withdraw cash from a merchant’s point of sale device
  • A merchant’s point of sale device is activated for cashback processing capabilities and your customers use it for cash withdrawals
  •  Merchants don’t incur any costs for facilitating cashback

Cashback at Point of Sale at a glance

  • Cashback can be made as standalone transactions or when also processing a card payment
  • If a customer requests a cashback while also making a purchase, merchants only pay commission on the purchase portion and not on the cash withdrawal; back-end processing manages all transactions and transaction fees
  • Cashback is an ideal solution for merchants who have customers that would benefit from the ability to withdraw cash directly from the point of sale
  • Cashback suits merchants who operate in areas where ATMs are not readily available and for those merchants wanting to provide value-added-services to enhance customer support and boost client satisfaction
  • By providing cashback, merchants bank less cash and can save on cash deposit and cash-in-transit fees
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