Additional Services - PCI DSS Portal

Standard Bank Merchant Solutions provides merchants with an online portal which is accessible on Merchant Online for PCI DSS. This tool offers the following:
  • Information about PCI DSS and relevant compliance requirements for merchants
  • Online self-assessment questionnaires for merchants to become compliant with PCI DSS
  • The ability for all merchants to obtain an Attestation of Compliance certificate (AOC) or upload an AOC as may have been provided by a Merchant’s Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) using the online portal
  • The ability for all merchants to update their compliance with PCI DSS annually, using the online portal

What are the Key Benefits of the PCI DSS Portal?

  • Using the PCI DSS portal helps merchants understand their obligations and regulatory requirements in terms of PCI DSS and the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act
  • Compliance with PCI DSS demonstrates a merchant’s commitment to protect customers’ card data and curb fraud
  • Compliance with PCI DSS helps merchants avoid reputational damage, fines and penalties and can prevent potential financial loss
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